Used Oil Analysis

Global Capabilities & Customer Review

Aug. 13 2019

Bureau Veritas’ global network of state-of-the- art testing facilities provides accurate, reliable results you can depend on to keep your machines up and running.

Together, our customer-driven oil analysis reporting tools and solutions-oriented data analysts take those quality results a step further, bridging the gap between good data and good business decisions. Being able to take decisive maintenance action that reduces or eliminates failure saves money and equipment. Implementing a world class oil analysis program that effectively monitors machine conditions improves equipment reliability, maximizes uptime and boosts production levels.

Our Oil and Fluid Analysis services have helped every level of industry grow accustomed to the substantial returns that come from such a small investment.


  • Power Generation / Utilities - Oil sampling will ensure your generating equipment is available when demand is up.
  • HVAC / Building Maintenance - Routinely monitoring chillers & compressors is essential to uninterrupted operations, predictable downtime & controlled operation costs.
  • Process Manufacturing - An effective oil analysis program will keep your equipment running through effective condition monitoring of oil wetted components.
  • Petrochemical - Achieve enhanced equipment reliability and improved maintenance scheduling with a world class oil condition monitoring program.
  •  Waste Treatment - Oil analysis as part of a robust maintenance program is a very cost effective way of meeting these requirements


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