Vegetable Oils & Biofuel Feedstock

Vegetable Oils & Biofuel Feedstock

Through our extensive global operational network and leading analytical capability, Bureau Veritas provides testing, inspection and certification services throughout the Vegetable oil and Biofuels supply chains.

Bureau Veritas ensures all services are executed to the highest standards under trade membership’s rules and accreditation. Each lab and geographical operation holds both numerous international and local accreditations such as FOSFA / MPOC, PORAM/ demonstrating our commitment to act in compliance with industry requirements and with customized solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

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With a dedicated team of professionals, Bureau Veritas provides inspection requirements as per industry standards, local procedures and per contractual terms.

In addition to providing services for standard oils, Bureau Veritas’ vegetable oil and biofuels inspection services include the full range of inspection and analytical capabilities for Methyl Esters, Used Cooking Oils, Oleo Chemicals, Tallow and various other feedstock materials.

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