Flash Point Testing

Bureau Veritas provide flash point testing by internationally recognized methods throughout our global network of testing laboratories

Delivering timely analytical data helps keep the client in conformance with contractual agreements; and with field staff capable of drawing samples in accordance with GPA standard procedures Bureau Veritas is ideally placed to become your one-stop-shop for crude oil, condensate and gas support services.

Our global network is built upon years of experience with drilling and exploration companies, we have an established and proven reputation for delivering data, accurately and on time to meet your needs. The following tests are supported:

- Gas composition, C1 to C6+
- Gas composition, C1 to C7+
- Gas composition, C1 to C15+
- Natural Gas Condensate Composition, C1 to C30+
- Flash Liberation of Condensate
- Molecular weight
- Analytical calculation for Equation of State (EOS) modelling
- Along with full crude assay testing capabilities helping you obtain the most value for your product.


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