Gasoline Testing

Bureau Veritas offers complete gasoline testing packages throughout our global network of laboratories.

Dedicated fuel laboratories are capable of testing to recognised standards such as ASTM, ISO, DIN and IP. Meeting the EN 228 , Colonial Pipeline specification or producing an E85, E5, E10, EBOB ethanol blend, our laboratories have the expertise to analyse light distillates on your behalf.

Quality control of fuels is essential and Bureau Veritas has the analytical capabilities and expertise to perform this across the globe. We offer troubleshooting analysis for any gasoline blends plus full EN 228 specification analysis for gasoline. Bespoke testing packages can be run for high octane or racing fuels.

Gasoline and component blending requires specialists with an intimate knowledge of petroleum chemistry, interaction of the various components as well as ship loading system, terminal tankage, pumps and pipelines.

Bureau Veritas carries out blending operations on behalf of the world's major oil companies and independent traders on a daily basis around the world.


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