Marine Biofuels

Bureau Veritas recognizes the importance of biofuels to the future sustainability of the marine fuel industry and we are on hand to support your company’s preparation and pilot projects.

Biofuels are not considered to become the dominant marine fuel, at least in the short term. Liquid biofuels are however, compatible with modern ship engines and are seen as a stepping-stone on the path to decarbonization.

Our services include

Before bunkering
•    Planning, Risk assessment and Management of change
•    Pre-testing of the biofuel sample as per the VeriFuel test slate in conjunction with the engine maker’s requirements
•    Prepare the plan for ship inspection and performance tests

•    Data collection and analysis

During bunkering and consumption
•    Bunker surveyor’s attendance 
•    Change-over plan and pilot execution
•    Fuel quality analyses
•    Tailor-made operational advice
•    Scavenge drain analyses
•    Tank samples analysis 
•    Condition & performance monitoring
•    Data collection and analysis

After consumption
Consolidate and summarize results of:

•    Bunker / settling-service tanks cleaning and inspection
•    Scavenge space cleaning and inspection
•    Engine exhaust inspection
•    Purifier cleaning and inspection
•    Data collection and analysis