Bureau Veritas offers a complete testing package for glycerine formed in the production of biodiesel. Whether the product is sold on as crude, energy commodity or at pharmaceutical grade after purification, we can meet your testing requirements throughout our network of laboratories.

Our technical experts can be of service for consultancy purposes and our analytical chemists provide rapid turnaround of results and fully independent reporting.

With a commitment to excellence, expertly trained personnel, and highly regarded reputation, Bureau Veritas is the right choice in achieving quality control and assurance for your products and facilities.

Key Glycerine Testing Capabilities: 

  • Glycerine Content by ASTM D7637
  • Methanol content by in-house methods
  • Glycerol Assay
  • pH
  • Water
  • Chloride
  • Sulphated Ash by ASTM D874
  • Trace Metals by AAS
  • MONG

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