Fire Fighting Foam Testing

As with the regular testing of fire-alarms as a safety precaution, conducting periodic sample testing on fire-fighting foams is a required step to ensure the foam is able to perform its important and potentially life-saving function.

Bureau Veritas has a global laboratory network staffed with master chemists and the latest techniques to provide fire-fighting foam testing for safety, compliance, and regulatory requirements.
Our fire-fighting foam tested according to the EN 1568 / ISO 7203 and IMO MSC.1/Cir.1312 regulations.

  • Our capability analyses include:
  • Foam quality
  • Specific gravity at 20 0C ASTM D 4052
  • pH value at 20 0C  ASTM E 70
  • Kinematic Viscosity at 20 0C   ISO 3219
  • Sediment ISO 3734
  • Small scale fire test MSC.1/Circ. 1312
  • Chemical stability MSC. 1 Circ. 1312


  • Chemical Testing
  • Elemental Trace Analysis
  • Full Specification Testing
  • Water Content Testing for Petroleum, Chemicals, Fuels

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