Stock Monitoring

Stock Monitoring

Bureau Veritas have dedicated global teams to be the ‘Eyes and Ears’ for our clients.

Excellence in stock pile monitoring is essential to clients to help make sure that value is not lost through storage under the wrong conditions or breaches in security.

Stock monitoring requires skills beyond mere auditing and involves a detailed knowledge of the factors affecting the condition of the stock as well as its physical state. Bureau Veritas has highly experienced inspectors who can advise clients on all aspects of the stock. The global reach of our extensive network brings a consistent approach and the highest standards to this work anywhere in the world.

We act as the eyes and ears of our clients, providing a highly cost effective way of ensuring that stocks can be monitored remotely intact and in good condition.



  • Port inspection
  • Instrument analysis
  • Draft surveying
  • Gravimetric and classical assaying
  • Party and umpire sampling and analysis

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