Onsite Laboratories

The knowledge, skills and experience base within our group has been built on decades of successful laboratory operations focused primarily on the analysis of mineral samples.

Bureau Veritas has developed methodologies, processes and procedures which are employed at our clients’ onsite laboratories. This ensures the work is completed safely, efficiently and accurately in line with time tested and proven techniques.
Bureau Veritas offers a range of On-Site Laboratory Services including:

  • Supply and installation of customised onsite laboratories (modular containerised or site erected), sample preparation and custom analytical capabilities;
  • Provision of analysis methodologies, safety manuals & maintenance guides;
  • Procurement of all general laboratory equipment and consumables;
  • Training and onsite support of laboratory staff by qualified Bureau Veritas staff;
  • Outsourced management of client site laboratories;
  • Auditing of laboratory operating procedures and management systems;
  • Inspection, testing & certification of mechanical equipment;
  • General safety and operational training of all mine site staff


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