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Bureau Veritas provide marine water analysis for onboard drinking water (potable water) and scrubber water. These services are part of our VeriWater service offering.

Potable Water

Water designated for drinking, cooking or other uses can not be presumed as safe.  Potable water originates from various sources and can be stored for long periods in unsafe conditions. The World Health Organisation (WHO) acknowledge that potable water is a major carrier for infectious disease transmission on ships.

Our sampling and analysis services help maintain high quality water and reduce the risk of crew infection. We also provide expert opinion and clarity for corrective actions should your water become contaminated.

Scrubber Water

Scrubber-fitted vessels are requested to collect and analyse (in external laboratories) scrubber discharge water samples as per IMO MEPC.259(68) as well as the US Vessel General Permit (VGP) 2013.


  • Supply of specialized sampling kits
  • Analysis covering both IMO and VGP requirements
  • Laboratory accredited as per ISO 17025
  • User-friendly sampling instructions for the crew on-board
  • Results issued by Bureau Veritas

Find out more about our Scrubber Water services by DOWNLOADING our latest flyer.