FAME in Jet Fuel

Bureau Veritas are the specialists in detecting FAME in Jet Fuel.

Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) must be less than 50ppm to comply with DEF STAN 91-91 and is anticipated to be added to the ASTM D1655 Jet Fuel Specification. Bureau Veritas identifies FAME contamination in jet fuel utilizing GC/MS, FTIR. The contamination of jet fuel with FAME can arise due to the use of multi-product pipelines for fuel supply and distribution. FAME can absorb onto the surface of the pipeline and later desorb contaminating whatever fuel that follows, including jet fuel.

The risk associated with small amounts of FAME remaining in tanks, pipelines and other distribution outlets increases the likelihood of jet fuel contamination.

Thermal Stability of jet fuel can be affected if the concentration is high which may lead to coking residues in the fuel system. The freeze point of jet fuel can be compromised with the exposure of FAME contamination that may lead to fuel gelling.


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