Precious Metals: 
Gold, Silver and Platinum Group Metals (PGM)

Bureau Veritas has teams of expert personnel located within easy reach of all major precious metal refineries. Our services include the supervision and monitoring of raw materials delivery, sampling operations and high precision assaying for commercial settlement.

PGM materials come in a wide variety of forms from high purity bullion to concentrates and dore. They are also recovered in the form of scrap from the automotive, electronics, dental, photographic and jewellery industries. With high metal values and the complex range of forms, these materials present many sampling and analytical challenges. Our highly trained inspection and analytical team will ensure maximum return on your investment.

Bureau Veritas is also approved for the proactive monitoring of refineries for the London Bullion Market Association ‘Good Delivery’ status and The London Platinum and Palladium Market.



  • Precious Metals Testing & Inspection
  • Precious Metals: Catalyst
  • Platinum Analysis
  • Silver Analysis
  • Palladium Analysis
  • Electronic Scrap Solutions
  • Vault & Storage Facility Auditing

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