Grease Analysis

Grease Analysis

The function of grease is to remain in contact with the surfaces and to lubricate them without leakage due to centrifugal forces or pressures. At the same time, the grease must be able to flow throughout all components it is intended to lubricate.

Condition-based grease analysis can identify changes in grease consistency, viscosity and oxidation stability and help in determining its remaining useful life. Contamination, base oil depletion and a variety of mechanical issues can affect grease’s ability to remain in contact with and protect metal surfaces.

Routine testing and analysis can determine:

  • Bearing Condition – extent of wear
  • Grease Condition – normal, oxidized, contamination present
  • System Condition – contamination present, type
  • Re-greasing Frequency – application intervals.
  • Greasing Capacity – volume of grease for optimum machine performance

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