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Marine Lubricant Testing

Prevent Breakdowns and Maximize Up-time at a Minimal Cost

Harsh operating conditions and the high costs of replacement make oil condition monitoring a necessary part of marine equipment maintenance and reliability.

Bureau Veritas' VeriLube offers a range of analytical services from straight forward physical properties and contamination to more sophisticated methods including full ferrographic analysis for identifying types and of component wear. Our laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited and house the latest automated and multi-position analytical equipment.

Learn how to manage your oil analysis data for better program performance using our exclusive Lube Oil Analysis Management System.


VERIlube benefits

  • Global support – Advanced testing and analysis services with global coverage
  • Competence – Independent organization with over 60 years of expansive experience in lube oil analysis and
    recommendations in the land-based, oil & gas, and marine industries
  • Excellent customer service - Customer-driven reporting tools and solutions
  • Domain knowledge – Highly qualified personnel with equipment-specific knowledge and experience in
    machinery lubrication and maintenance
  • Reliability & efficiency – High-quality test results by an independent service provider with short
    turnaround time and accessibility to data
  • Actionable insights – Practical analysis report and experts recommendations contribute to longer
    equipment life, improve equipment reliability, detect early signs of contamination and degradation, and
    optimize costs
  • Digital – Viewing, mining and managing your lubricants test results via our global digital platform LOAMS
    accessible from PC, smartphone, and tablet
  • Innovation - State-of-the-art testing facilities provide accurate, reliable results you can depend on