Arbitration Testing

Arbitration “Umpire” Testing

Bureau Veritas is highly regarded for its work as an umpire where there are disputes between parties.

These will be on the basis of the results they have obtained from companies employed by them to analyse ore samples as part of a transaction. In many cases the results of the analyses from two separate laboratories will either be the same, or sufficiently close, to allow the parties to agree on composition and therefore the value of a cargo.

However, in large cargoes, even small differences in concentrations can result in a very large financial difference when the results are scaled up for a cargo of many thousands of tonnes. Where an agreement is not possible, Bureau Veritas may be employed to conduct its own analysis of samples to determine an independent result (Depending on the nature of the contract between the two differing parties Bureau Veritas' ‘umpire‘ analysis may be advisory or binding).



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