Bitumen Testing

Bitumen Testing

Bureau Veritas provide expertise in problem solving, analytical and inspection services to producers, suppliers, traders of bitumen.

Our independent laboratory test results give you the ability to determine with integrity the quality of your heavy end residue from the refining process. 

Our laboratories are able to test full EN 12591, AASHTO, ASTM D3381 Viscosity Graded, IRAM CA grades, Wax Content as per EN 12606-2, EN 12606-1, UOP 46, Fraas break point as per EN 12593, Rheological properties, specialised testing for sulphur compounds (H2S, CS2, COS). Some key laboratories are ISO 17025 and COPRO accredited.

Our global network of laboratories are strategically located close to the main trading harbours, refineries and petrochemical plants to ensure rapid turnaround times for customers. We utilize new technologies and ensure our professional staff is trained in all facets of the industry to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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