Oil Analysis Improves Wind Turbine Gearbox Performance


Oil Analysis Improves Wind Turbine Gearbox Performance – Part I

Aug. 6 2019

Within the current environment of renewable energies, wind energy has played an important role as a driver of change in the generation of clean alternative energy. However, this rapid increase has given rise to several operational and performance issues related mainly to equipment design and maintenance practices.

The adequate functioning of a wind turbine depends to a large extent on the performance of the gearbox. These gearboxes have planetary gearsets and bearings that require special attention due to their extreme operating conditions (temperature, environment, etc.). Under these conditions, oil analysis and wear particle analysis are far more effective predictive/proactive tools for achieving optimum machine performance.

Download this white paper to discover how oil analysis can identify and correct the main problems associated with wind turbine gearbox maintenance. These problems include micropitting, air or foam in the oil and adequately estimating the remaining useful life of the lubricant.

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