laser ablation

Laser Ablation ICP-MS Analysis

Bureau Veritas Laser Ablation ICP-MS analysis is designed to provide all of your analytical requirements with a single cost effective method. 

LA-ICP-MS utilises high productivity robotic fusion technology with state of the art laser ablation and ICP-MS instruments to provide a fully extracted quantitative analysis for all elements. Detection limits are lower than traditional multi acid digestion methods, and equivalent to an aqua regia digest in many cases. 

The technique offers safety and environmental advantages as there are no acids used in digestion, and it is fast and repeatable.

  • Total analysis, at low and sub ppm detection limits equivalent to acid digests.
  • Simplifies the analysis process to a single, cost effective fusion.
  • XRF and ICP-MS capabilities can be combined to extend the dynamic range in one analysis (eg. U from 10 ppb to % level).
  • Robust ICP-MS analysis due to the elimination of sample matrix effects.
  • Minimises hazards and waste due to elimination of corrosive acids.