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Suspension of test method IP564 for determination of the level of cleanliness of aviation turbine fuel - laboratory automatic particle counter method

Sep. 18 2019

The Energy Institute (EI London) has announced that IP564 test method applicable for Aviation Turbine Fuel has been suspended from use whilst the EI confirms with the equipment manufacturer and experts in the industry whether this automatic particle counting instrumentation fully meets the requirements of the method.

The technical issue appears to be that the equipment supporting method IP 564 does not meet ISO 11171 (Hydraulic Fluid Power - Calibration of Automatic Particle Counters for Liquids) requirements for particle sizing accuracy, including issues with calibration in accordance with ISO 11171 traceability.

As it stands, with the forthcoming DEFSTAN 091-91 and ASTM D1655 proposed changes to include Particle Counting as a specification, it appears the current IP 564 units will be unable to test and release the fuel against the newly proposed specifications.

Bureau Veritas confirms that IP 564 has never been deployed across its global network of Aviation Fuel testing laboratories. Furthermore, Bureau Veritas is able to offer the fully compliant methods of IP 565 and IP 577 for particle counting as approved for use within the latest specifications of ASTM D1655 and DEFSTAN 091-91.

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