EUDR (EU Deforestation Regulation)

The EUDR (EU Deforestation Regulation) on the import of products that contribute to deforestation  is now in force. With only 18 months to comply with the new rules, importers and exporters need to start preparing now.


In December 2022, the EU and its member states signed an agreement to take measures to halt deforestation and forest degradation caused by imported products. The new law came into force on 29 June 2023.  
The goal is to increase the proportion of "deforestation-free"  commodities and by-products on the European market  and to contribute reducing the EU carbon emissions.


  • Set up a product traceability system and map the land polygon of where your product comes from
  • Verify that goods that are imported into and  exported out of the EU have not contributed to deforestation or forest degradation after the cut-off date of December 31, 2020 
  • To build and demonstrate due diligence


All operators working in the European market that import or export  the following products:

The EU is responsible for 10%of deforestation as a result of its imports
Expected benefit: 31.9 Mtons of carbon emissions reduced


Bureau Veritas offers guidance and services tailored to your needs. Our expert teams closely track new regulations and are in contact with the EU Commission: as such, we can train you and your team on EUDR.

We can run external audits to verify your supply chain data to ensure accuracy and traceability, and shape trust.

We can help you build due diligence to protect your brand, mitigate risks, improve performance and be compliant.

In order to set up a product traceability system and map the polygon, we offer a dedicated digital solution: V-Trace. 

V-TRACE BY BUREAU VERITAS: Verified traceability of supply chains

Customers and and regulators are demanding greater transparency regarding the safety, origin and sustainability of products.

Bureau Veritas’ V-TRACE solution, developed with our partner OPTEL, tracks your product data and standardized the data in a digital platform throughout your supply chain, right down to batch level . It allows you to detect the origin and composition of your product, collect the plot polygons, map your suppliers and monitor your supply chain. Thanks to our verification of your data and on-site audits, you benefit from increased trust in your product.

V-TRACE brings assurance and transparency to your supply chain. It highlights the journey of your product imported into or exported out of EU and the plot polygons identify if the source of your product represents a potential deforestation risk.

In addition, the platform generates an automated report that can be delivered to the relevant authority when your product is imported into or exported out of Europe.

Comply with new regulations, such as EUDR, and reassure your end users with V-TRACE. 

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We certify the legal origin of wood and conduct audits based on several sustainability schemes for a range of commodities (EUTR scheme, FSC for wood, RSPO for palm oil, 2BSvs and ISCC for biofuels, etc .)

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