Bureau Veritas links up with supply chain traceability leader


Bureau Veritas links up with supply chain traceability leader

May. 16 2022

Bureau Veritas and its partner, Optel, are excited to launch a unique end-to-end traceability solution. Supply chain traceability and resilience is becoming ever more complex, especially with many organisations sourcing supplies from international origins. 

The importance of TRUST is becoming integral to supply chain efficiencies as new technologies are key drivers to achieving greater levels of sustainability and traceability. Our Farm-to-Fork traceability solution allows all supply chain actors to have greater CONFIDENCE and therefore ASSURANCE from the different layers of control our solution can offer.

Our digital solution provides added value including risk management, continuous supply chain improvement, crisis response and the importance of brand protection and differentiation.

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As a leading global supplier of track-and-trace technologies to some of the world’s top industries, OPTEL provides innovative digital traceability solutions and vision systems to achieve regulatory compliance, optimize operational efficiency and ultimately create the Intelligent Supply Chain.