Ten Top VLSFOs Questions Answered by Our Experts

Dec. 5 2019

ROTTERDAM DECEMBER 05 2019 - Bureau Veritas' Marine Fuel department, VeriFuel, has produced an informative FAQ (frequently asked questions) document that gives an insight into what to expect in 2020 with VLSFOs.

In this document our team of experts dispel 2020 fuel myths and aim to give you accurate and objective information about this complex topic. We concisely answer the top ten most frequently asked questions to help you make informed decisions as we approach the 2020 deadline.

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VeriFuel is Bureau Veritas' comprehensive Marine Fuel Services program designed to facilitate the future developments of the Marine Fuel Industry. VeriFuel leverages a global network of oil & petrochemicals laboratories with over 50 labs currently providing sulphur compliance services.

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